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Customs and traditions of the peoples

And hit the wedding

Marriage customs and traditions of many nations and peoples and customs of each people and its traditions in matters of the engagement and marriage.
In one of the tribes of Somalia this impoverished African people what to do during the husband's wedding?!
The bride, he beat him severely in front of the audience (including the bride's family) and this multiplication is to recognize the bride Bergolh her ​​husband and that he would be in charge of Mr. and commanding in his house and forbids

Damned bells

India is a country stretching wide Ptdharysh and strange peoples, religions, customs and traditions ..... , There are traditions and customs in India, the film fails on its promise and accounted for.
In one of the Indian tribes, specifically the tribe (Naga) is forced women to put small bells on the edge of the clothes that wear them .... Why do you see?!
Revealed its mind even when you stop work and woe to them if I took off the bells of her clothes and saw her husband and woe, and woe to them if the bells stopped ringing, it means stop work, the torment would be severe.
However, some women received a time of rest and they sit with their hands they provoke bells.


Who among us does not mention Raunda this country who has lost million of its people in the civil war in 1994.
In the African country on the sad empty Arusha still fire lighted in his royal palace since the two hundred years and to this day did not go out ever since this service is based on the rotation of the fire and ignited many of the servants, employees, and clergy

 Laboratory primitive

The question of what kind of embryo occupies a lot of people are still running medicine and doctors as well.
This concern by the people is not new, but it excites them since the beginning of creation.
The ancient Egyptians (Pharaohs) to understand the first known method which determines the sex of the fetus in the womb of his mother ... But how?!
This was more than five thousand years before the invention of electronic devices and television screens (Walter Asaund) and the other was in such a way that a simple urine of pregnant women in Ainain separate pot put in a handful of wheat and barley, the other a bunch!! The process of follow-up to several days if Alainain grew barley for the first Amolod be male and if the wheat grew to be first-born female. Is this true?!
Yes, scientists have confirmed the authenticity of this experience and still a hundred percent certain Arab tribes used this method in the detection of fetal sex and to this day. (Is praying)

 Thickness of torture

Burmese people unlike the rest of the peoples in the world! Peoples taste the fish, which eat either the Burmese people, it pleases him to see the fish a taste of human meat if they want to torture or kill a person thrown into a pond with fish predators to Eat for after they watched him!!

Death Ha'ir

In Guinea strange habits to get rid of the dead and strange to have that every age group have a soft to get rid of carcasses!!
If children have died and put him in a basket and then hang them in the roof of Bselth this House to go.
As for the death of the man and the way they cover it eulogy palm fronds and set on fire close to dry to dry without burning and continue this process two or three weeks.
As for the elders, they Adfnnounam in the ground normally, but provided that the Sheikh does not children of a woman and not only put him next to the fire!!

 How can

In the province of Tibet, the Chinese (and habits of the people of China in a very strange and surprising) mentioned in that province if he wanted to marry a man her family, the girl put it high above the tree and stand around the tree, carrying sticks to what?!
Say to the groom: if you want the girl your wife Nmnek we can approach, and if you're worth it, you just need to reach the top of the tree and its phase and then be really a strong man able to protect them.
Start the fight between him and them if he succeeded in reach after severely beaten his wife was painful in its own right but if did not work only has to been Mal frustration of looking for another wife and a new adventure

Dowry flies

In China also, in some tribes, the poor and in which large numbers of people and to reduce their marriage and the number of children Aklfonhm food, clothing, shelter and put a new foal stranger to the groom.
(If Art to marry our daughter and agrees that the ruling brought two kilograms of flies in order to preserve the integrity of the environment)
Who shall the young man he and his family flies to collect waste from places that stick or candy on the trunks of trees to prey on flies .... It's a long battle

 Compensation strange

In Angola if the woman died during childbirth, the her parents impose on the husband to pay substantial compensation for it because they think he is the cause of this death.
But what if the husband did not Astta pay compensation?! They make it slave to folks wife until compensation Full

 Chicken eyes

Tribe (Mead) Chinese tribe have a strange habit in the marriage where the couple people slaughter chickens and after cooking the chicken to look at the eyes if the eyes Mchaphtbn, it means that the marriage will be successful.
If the eyes were not similar, the marriage would be a failure and canceled the project of marriage completely

 Feet on the pillows

Europe has been in the Middle Ages who feel tired in the body is the feet.
Therefore, they were put their feet on the pillows at bedtime instead of their heads, and therefore deserves the foot is not comfortable either the head gets tired and remains lying on the ground.

Keeping beards

All the people of his way of paying tribute and some Indian tribes the maintenance of beards when greeting each other!!

Slapped in the face

In (Ukraine) named Gala Gala Gala Purim Purim The advantage of this that the celebration be slapping the faces!
The two men stand and begin slapping each other in full public view.
This joke may continue for long hours either light the role of the audience is clapping and whistling and cheers and encouragement ...
And slapping in (Ukraine) is not limited to the Purim Holiday only, but is usually spread among the peasants there is a large


On the island (Malatrella) if someone wants to guide a gift for someone else to put it between his feet and delivered by hand and after a person deals with his gift and go by.


Population Australia indigenous if wanted greeting each other they they derail tongues front some.

 Greeting foot

Islands in the Hearts lifted the person who leads the person greeting the leg-natured and generally Amargha in the face ....
The strangest greeting well-known among the peoples.


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